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Philip K. Corzine
General Manager
Assumption, Illinois, USA

Phil Corzine serves as the General Manager for South American Soy, LLC, a US based company focused on developing and operating successful agribusiness in Brazil.  In that role, Corzine is responsible for all aspects of the Company's activities, both strategic and operational--from implementing capital drives to developing annual crop budgets for the Brazilian farms.

Since its creation in Aug. of 2003, South American Soy has purchased and developed 3500 acres in the state Tocantins, approximately 500 miles northeast of Brasilia.  Productive fields totaling nearly 1700 acres have been developed by converting cerrado (rangeland) and degraded pasture areas into cropland.

Mr. Corzine also assumed direct responsibility in 2009 for overseeing the farms in Tocantins.  Corzine now visits operations in Brazil six or more times each year.  Since 1998, has spent time in the Brazilian states of Mato Grasso, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio De Janerio, Parana, Amazonas, Tocantins, Piaui, Maranaho, Bahia and Goias.

In addition to operations, South American Soy produces the Brazilian Crop Watcher Reports for Farm Bureau members in the states of IL and IA, leads agricultural tours in Brazil, and offers consulting and management services to entities or individuals seeking to place capital into Brazilian agriculture.  Mr. Corzine produces the Company's publications, leads the tours, and develops business strategies for outside investors.

Corzine operated a commercial corn and soybean production operation beginning in 1979, and continues to manage three of his family’s central Illinois farms.  He has served the agricultural industry as a director for Farm Credit Services and on the Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board, serving his final 2 years as Chairman.  As he completed his board tenure, Corzine led & participated in state, regional and national efforts focused on analyzing the competitiveness of the U.S. agricultural system, with a special focus on the soybean industry in South America. 

Mr. Corzine is a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group’s Council of Experts, consulting on domestic and international agricultural and bio-fuels issues.  Corzine is currently a  “GLG Leader”, signifying a ranking in the top 5% of the Council's 15,000+  members.

Corzine also is the owner of, and lead consultant for AgPage International Consulting, founded in 1998, and offering services to domestic and international agricultural businesses in the areas of economic analysis and technology.

Mr. Corzine is a frequent and accomplished speaker, delivering presentations at functions ranging from Producer Meetings to Commodity Conferences.  Corzine has also presented to global audiences at events such as Defi Ble (International Cereals Conference in Paris), AgriTechnia (Hannover Germany) and the  International Agricultural e-Commerce conference (Chicago IL), at which he served as the conference chair.

Mr. Corzine has a long history of study and involvement in International agriculture, from offering on-farm internships to farmers from France and BeloRussia, to spending time on farms in Mexico, France, Germany, Peru, Chile and Brazil.  

Corzine is a graduate of LakeLand College (AAS in Production Agriculture), the University of Illinois at Springfield (BA in Economics), the Illinois Soy-Leaders Program and the Illinois Agricultural Leadership Program.  Corzine is a member of the Illinois Farm Bureau, the Illinois Corn Growers, the Illinois Soybean Association and The Chicago Farmers.

Mr. Corzine resides on his farm outside Assumption, Illinois with his wife Carolyn. 

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