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Private Investments

Some investors, rather than joining into a "pooled investment" through a company like South American Soy, prefer a stand-alone investment, and our company can help you to get your own piece of Brazilian real estate.  Whether it's finding it, buying, developing it or managing or operating it, South American Soy will provide the services you need to make a secure, profitable investment in Brazilian agricultural land.

Contact SASoy at 309-226-4263 or info@sasoy.com to find out how the company can assist you with your Brazilian real estate investment.

Agribusiness Projects

South American Soy working on a grain merchandising facility project in TocantinsIn a region where the agricultural sector is rapidly expanding , there are multiple opportunities for agricultural investments going far beyond land.  South American Soy is developing investment grade projects with capital expenditures of $5 to $50 Million for projects ranging from export grain merchandising facilities to agricultural trade credit.

Email us at info@sasoy.com or call us at 309-226-4263 to discuss our current agribusiness investment projects under development.

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